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CB Concrete Testing & Coring Ltd is a Canadian family owned business. It is a proud accomplishment, that to date, CB Concrete Testing & Coring Ltd. has never had an insurance claim, nor a WSIB claim. We are a Canadian, family owned & operated business, celebrating 36 years of providing exceptional service. Our experts have an average of 15 to 25 years of professional industry experience. CB Concrete Testing & Coring Ltd. is a full-service concrete testing, coring and cutting company servicing the industrial, residential and commercial industry. We pride ourselves on being the original company to introduce concrete X-Raying to the construction industry and one of the first companies to engage in Ground Penetrating Radar, and Radiodetection services.


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Family Owned & Operated

Over the last 36 years our family, have dedicated our lives to our industry and the services we provide. Multiple generations of family members work both in the field and administrative, allowing us to serve our customers on a personal level, while being a full-service company. Being family owned and operated has put our quality standards of work and communication channels a step ahead of our competitors.

                   “TO SAY WE TAKE OUR JOB SERIOUS WOULD BE AN                                                                                           UNDERSTATEMENT”

However, we could not be where we are today without our team of outstanding staff and their years of professional industry experience, dedicating themselves to always meeting customer satisfaction. Our experts continually go above and beyond when participating in safe-work practices and ensuring every project is completed with the values we were founded on 36 years ago.

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